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    I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and raised in Jeddore, Nova Scotia.  In 1990 I, along with my wife and two children, moved to the Magdalen Islands where I was employed as a lobster fisherman. We lived on the Islands for, close to, 17 years and in 2006 returned to Nova Scotia.

     I have always had a deep interest for hobbies that centered on arts and crafts. As a hobby I have produced various home décor pieces using different mediums: stone, ivory, wood, oil paints and alabaster.

I began working with sand to see if I could make the famous "Footprints in The Sand" poem completley out of sand from the beach. I guess I wanted to create such a product just because it had not been done before, and because it would be pretty cool to have the Footprints poem actually made from beachsand.

    I usually just gave my work away as gifts to family and friends.I guess I always felt that my work was not good enough to sell, However, several years ago I was inspired to see if I could make a living from my “hobby”.   So, after a lengthy process, to perfect my hobby, a collection of mixed medium creations was born. 

   I approached a few retailers to see if any would be willing to stock my creations and to my surprise a few were truly interested. After that, in 2005 I decided to open a boutique (seasonal) on my home in the Magdalen Islands. I was then a full time lobster fisherman; therefore, my wife managed the boutique, and it was in operation for two seasons. Due to the fact of a small population and a short tourist season on the Islands, I had to try to expand.  In September 2006, I did a little research and ended up booking space at several craft shows in the Maritimes. Since then the business has been expanding every year and for the first time I truly love what I do for a living.

    I now work daily producing plates, mirrors, plaques, photo frames, jewellery and various alabaster pieces, etc.  I sell my creations at the Halifax Waterfront, Maritime craft shows, local conventions. Additionally, I now wholesale to stores across the Maritimes.

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